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G'day g'day, ChillyBite here. I swear a lot and make sh!t when I'm bored. Music, art and animations. So don't be a f*cking c*nt and follow me or I'll smash your f*cking head in you little c*nt.
No cops.

24, Male

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So, considering I've been summoned into the art portal I guess I can consider myself an official legally sanctioned Newgroundian citizen. So I guess I should properly introduce myself.

Yes, I exist. I make music, animation and draw as a hobbyist so my content and uploading routine are quite sporadic. I assure you, I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing. So I'm always open to criticism. I make other content but as it doesn't fit into the NG guidelines it ends up on Youtube and/or LBRY, so if I seem inactive I might be doing work over there. Quite frankly, I want Newgrounds to receive only my favourite stuff because Newgrounds is the bestest ever no exceptions. I was also planning on doing a monthly update post to let people know what I've been working on and how it's progressing. It will also help keep me on a leash and stop me from wasting my life on drugs and video games.

Officially, I don't do commissions. I have neither the time nor the audience to do this professionally. Unofficially, I like making stuff as a whole, so if I'm bored or intrigued enough I'm more than happy to take a request. Just don't get your hopes too high up.

Currently I'm working on a project called "Happy Birthday". I've finished the storyboard and script. So I'm beginning the lineart, then colouring, background and finally audio and polishing.


I also have another project called "Marked Shark" that was temporarily lost for a year when my hard drive broke, now that I've gotten it fixed I want to finally get around to finishing it. I've finished the storyboard, script and even the animation for the first scene. I was thinking of releasing it scene by scene on my Youtube, before finally being released in full here on Newgrounds.


So, in summary. There is plenty more to come and I'm not going anywhere soon. I hope we can all have a good laugh while the entire world slowly falls apart leading to mass genocide in the inevitable nuclear holocaust of the third world war. So let's have a little fun while we can, aye mate?

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